Have you been thinking about installing a garden pond or fish pond and wondering how much maintenance and cleaning is involved? Whether you intend to do the cleaning or maintenance yourself or hire a company like Home Style Fishponds, it’s certainly an area you need to consider.

The maintenance and cleaning of your pond are critical to ensuring a clean and healthy environment for any fish and plants. Your pond will have its own unique ecosystem depending on location and the type of fish and plants you have, and not keeping this ecosystem in top shape can result in the loss of any life in the pond.

Regular Pond Cleaning & Maintenance

To keep your pond healthy and clean, there are a number of tasks that should be completed regularly. Tasks such as cleaning out the filters and pump, cleaning debris out of the pond including leaf debris on the surface and bottom of the pond, cleaning any waterfalls and fountains and removing and replacing any dead plants.

The plants and fish in your pond will rely on the ecosystem being kept healthy and you can only achieve this through regular cleaning and maintenance.

Pond Deep Cleaning

Depending on the location of your pond, you will need to do a “deep clean” once or twice a year. This will often involve removing everything from the pond including your fish and plants so that the silt and debris buildup can be fully removed from the pond, the pond water-blasted out (if using a plastic pond), plants tidied up and replacing any broken plant pots and pebbles.

You may consider having a pond vacuum done which will cut down the time it takes to do a full clean of your pond.

A pond is a wonderful addition to a home and can help to provide a relaxing atmosphere. By ensuring your pond has regular cleaning and maintenance, you will be enjoying the benefits of a pond for a long time.