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Do you have a garden pond or a fishpond that needs regular cleaning or maintenance? It can be a big job and if you are commuting daily for work, it’s one of those jobs that you just don’t have the time or energy to do regularly. With regular cleaning and maintenance required to keep your pond healthy, we can help.

Home Style Fishponds is a family owned and run business located in sunny South East Queensland. With experience in cleaning and maintaining fishponds in the warm and humid Gold Coast, we will keep your fishpond or garden pond sparkling clean, ensuring your fish and pond plants stay healthy.

Life is stressful and a garden pond or fish pond can add a nice relaxing touch to your home. Benefits include a visual aesthetic where the pond becomes a focal point of your garden, and when you include water features, lighting and statues, you bring peacefulness to your home. Living on the Gold Coast you can even tie in a coastal or rainforest theme to suit your location. Another appeal of garden and fish ponds is the auditory appeal – the peaceful sound of running water can help block out noise from traffic and neighbours, providing lovely background white noise. They also provide a place for native wildlife looking for a safe place to cool down and have a drink, especially in the hot summer weather the Gold Coast experiences.

With one-off, regular or emergency services and cleans, as well as looking after your pond while you’re on holidays, Home Style Fishponds will ensure your pond stays healthy and clean.

Our team members are efficient and reliable and can provide a full rundown of what they are doing, any maintenance your pond may need, and how you can look after your pond in between professional cleaning and maintenance.

Whether you need pond cleaning and maintenance at your Gold Coast home or office, our team will provide you with a top quality service at an affordable price.

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