It is inevitable that your pond pump and filter will need replacing. Many pond owners take this time to consider whether their pump is good enough for their pond or whether they should replace their pump and filter with a better model or a bigger model.

What pond pump do I need?

When you need to replace your pond pump, there are two main options available which are suitable for different ponds. A submersible pump is great for ponds that are less than 8000 litres, while a larger pond can either use a more powerful submersible pump or a low noise level external pump.

There are a couple of extra things to keep in mind when choosing your pump – the warranty, how much electricity it will use, how often it needs to be maintained and what flow rate your pond requires.

For the warranty, you want to purchase a pump that has at least 3 years warranty – the more warranty, generally the better the quality of the pump you are purchasing. It may be a more expensive outlay, but you are likely to get a lot longer before needing to replace again.

How much electricity your pump uses is a big consideration. With rising power prices, a pump that utilises a lot of electricity is really going to push your power bill up. Make sure you do your research first.

One thing many pond owners don’t take into consideration is how often their pump and filter will need cleaning and maintaining. With a regular cleaning and maintenance service, like that offered by Home Style Cleaning, your pond pump and filter will keep your water cleaner and the sensitive ecosystem of your pond on track.  

Deciding what replacement pump and filter you need when your pump breaks down is too late – it’s a good idea to regularly research what is on the market so you know what you want when it’s time to replace.